Life’s too short for bad coffee.

So we roast the good stuff.

Our Bestsellers:

mokajava_2 What’s better than classic full flavor with delicate chocolate notes? Pretty much nothing, that’s what.
breakfast_2 Perky, medium-bodied coffee that’s worth waking up for – almost as much as Saturday morning cartoons.
bonafide_2 Our flagship blend. No frills, just thrills. Tastes great from both drip and espresso machines.
100% organic. Completely uncompromising.

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Roasted in Good Faith without Deceipt in Edwardsville, IL.

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Get to Know Us

At Goshen Coffee Company, we only make small batches of fair-trade, 100% organic coffee so nothing goes to waste. We hand-select our beans, and prepare them in our custom-built air-roaster in Edwardsville, IL.

In a nutshell? We don’t take shortcuts. That’s why our coffee is better than anything else you can get on the shelf (or otherwise).

Have fun, breathe deep, laugh plenty and drink great coffee.