Sumatra Lake Toba Samosir Honey Processed

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Sumatra Lake Toba Samosir Honey Processed

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Grower: CV. Yudi Putra Estate

Region: North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia

Altitude: 1,350 Meters

Process: Semi washed (Honey process) and dried in sun

Variety:  Caturra, Typica Linie S

Harvest: October - July

Soil: Volcanic loam

Imported by: Royal Coffee


Tastes like: Strawberry Jam, pineapple, lime, plum, basil, toffee 


Background Details:

Sumatra Lake Toba Samosir Honey coffee is sourced from three estates (Sidalogan, Sibisa, and Motung) organized around the Sipangan Bolon mill, located near the shores of Lake Toba (formed from a supervolcano) in the province of North Sumatra on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.  A family-owned export company called Yudi Putra operates the mill and collaborates with farmers to access the international coffee markets, ensuring greater earnings from direct trade relationships.  This lotwas prepared in the honey or pulped-natural style, a process first pioneered in El Salvador and Costa Rica, and rarely used in Indonesia,  where the cherry skin is removed and the parchment is dried while still covered in the mucilage. 

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