The Facility is a cozy warehouse operation in Edwardsville, IL. It has a rustic charm and an organized chaos feel. An unassuming office leads into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type test kitchen with several espresso machines, dozens of pour-over set ups, a sink, and coffee equipment that ranges from the early 1900's to stuff that resembles Flash Gordon.  It is here where our team finds the best way to drink every roast of Goshen Coffee. 

What roast is best for a French Press? What's best for a top-notch business office? What roast should be used for a high volume espresso machine? We figure that out, and then hope for feedback from people who buy our coffee for personal or shop use. We constantly take the feedback of our customers, try it, refine it, and make it better. Then we communicate with them to tell them how to improve it, or thank them for enlightening us. We're not always the authority, that's why we are part of the community.


The main thing we want you to know is how important it is to us. We love sharing our info with you and want the conversation to never end. Coffee is the essence of so much conversation. We feel the coffee shop culture is such an important part of the global spirit. Go to any country in the world where they enjoy coffee and you'll see it. The beauty of people sharing philosophy, culture and flavor over a cup of coffee. If you look deep into it, it's one of the things that keeps the world going. It's the fuel we use to start our day, to achieve awesome things, and to enjoy our time together on this planet. Cheers.