Jay Beard loves to make things. He bought Goshen from the original owner, who was moving to another city. Un-willing to see his favorite coffee leave town, Jay took over the entire operation and started expanding the lines and fine-tuning the roasting process to match the phenomenal quality the founder had attained. Jay got the word out and now Goshen is in many stores and winning many awards. Go Jay.



Carl has an almost Zen-like demeanor when he's roasting and taking care of the operation. He's an integral part of the team and loves coffee as much as everyone else at Goshen. He operates the roasting facility like a conductor leading a symphony, and if you need to know anything about Goshen at all, OR where anything is at around the shop, he's the guy to ask. 



Argus came in and revolutionized the roast. His Espresso won 3rd best in the country at a prestigious coffee competition. His blood type is CO for coffee, and Argus' mark is in every bag we send out. He has perfected the process here and is highly regarded as one of our nation's premier roasters. If you ever get him talking about his passion for what he does... buckle up... he's the real thing.

Karl Frank 


Karl makes sure your Goshen coffee gets to you and your favorite places you drink it or buy it. That's important. There's only one thing more important. And that's the fact that Karl completely murderfaces the guitar. Scales. Yep. Runs. Bigtime. Leads? Maybe? Arpeggios? Never heard of 'em. But the feeling that happens when you hear him play guitar can't even be described here.